Fully confident Rep. Carney will protect bus and train service

With the Connecticut Department of Transportation proposing the first wave of drastic cuts for train and bus service to southeastern Connecticut beginning July 1, we were pleased to see State Rep. Devin Carney, R-Old Lyme, take the leadership role for the region at the Feb. 28 hearing in New London.

Carney was the first elected official on any level in Connecticut to take our concerns regarding high-speed rail seriously. We are certain that the coming decisions on revenue and cutbacks for transportation will be every bit as momentous for the region. We are counting on  Carney, as ranking member on the Connecticut General Assembly’s Transportation Committee, to help lead us to the best possible resolution of this crisis.

For some time, we have been impressed with Carney’s willingness to forgo partisanship for the good of the public, and this trait will be fully tested in coming negotiations that will surely require both unwelcome service cutbacks and unwelcome additional sources of revenue.

Whatever the solution, to be clear: the current proposal will be ruinous for the region, and cannot stand.

Gregory Stroud

Executive director SECoast

Old Lyme

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