Pets always have the time for us

I’m sitting here thinking about my tail waggers, and the unfortunate tail waggers in the shelters.

In all honesty, I’m thinking about how my tail waggers always have time for me. If they could, they would be by my side 24/7. 

Humans, even some good friends, I’ve found, seem to get too busy and don’t always take the time to return my phone calls or my emails. Eventually they do, when it’s convenient for them. 

I know it’s not intentional regarding these good friends, and they’re not doing it purposely to hurt me. However, in all honestly, it’s another reminder to me how a pet always has the time for us. They're never too busy and always available to accompany me, no matter where I have to go. 

If I’m sick, the tail waggers will not leave my side. As long as they’re with me, boredom does not exist. 

Remembering my father’s words when I was a kid, and he brought a pet dog home to me: “Diane, Ginger will always be your friend.” Guess that's why I prefer to be with my four-legged pets. 

That’s just the way it is and always will be for me. 

Diane L. Amburn


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