Socialist programs reveal new kind of tyranny

There is no end to the past. The word tyranny is a word from 1776 meaning absolute power from above, from which the colonies were seeking to escape.

The Articles of Confederation were a first weak attempt to create a government of 13 colonies. The Confederation only had powers to create an army, create currency, engage in foreign relations, but had no control over colonies. The colonies were urged to form their own governments, as separate countries would.

These colony governments found the going tough since the only government they were familiar with was England. In trying to form something somewhat similar but different they tended to wind up creating their own tyrannies.

A new Constitutional Convention was convened that turned the old world ruling concepts upside down; by making people sovereign. Never before had people been declared equal and sovereign, making America unique.

There is no permanence in human nature or in nature generally. Today, another concept, socialism, has come to exist. From President Franklin Roosevelt to the Warren Supreme Court, the General Welfare clause in the Constitution has been interpreted in non-traditional ways and has introduced various measures of government financial support for chosen people.

This has split the sovereignty of the people, and is reflected in their representatives, who are stalemated. Payment to chosen people can subtly lead to corruption and tyranny, which the Constitution was designed to prevent, and that is our conundrum.

Howard Flora


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