Make your blackout problems go away

With the regularity of power outages and the thousands of homes affected by it, this might be a perfect opportunity to have a safe plug in outlet for the generator. A gen/Tran switch safely connects the necessary outlets in your home to the electrical panel, throught a disconnect safety switch. One side is line power, the other side is generator. A plug-in outside 30-amp four-prong cord from your generator delivers power to the inside connected to your electrical panel. When your power goes out, you plug in your 30-amp four-prong cord plug from your generator to your house, then go inside and switch from line power to generator power. Safe and simple.

The safety switch stops line power from entering the panel and causing back feed and fire. I would recommend an 8k/10k generator to safely operate a home’s basic needs. Having installed this more than 20-plus years ago, I know it really simplifies dealing with outages. For what it costs to do this, people have already spent times over, during the outages. The repetition of a problem is your greatest opportunity to make that problem go away.

Peter Lena


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