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Don't forget other hero of 'Pink House' saga

I recently attended the March 5 showing of "The Little Pink House" at the Garde Arts Center along with 800 other audience members. I liked the movie very much but wondered if viewers who were not familiar with the plot could understand it as well as I did. Having read Jeff Benedict's book, I could recognize characters who only make a brief appearance in the movie and often are not named. It seemed the film needed a bit more back story for the uninitiated.

Benedict in his acknowledgments laments that Neild Oldham was left out of the book as he had passed away before he could be interviewed. Benedict states that "many rightfully see Oldham as an unsung hero" as "he carried the banner of the Fort Trumbull residents with unmatched courage and passion." I support this viewpoint as Mr. Oldham, as well as Susette Kelo, remain an example of patriotism and a source of inspiration to me. 

Sara Ingram

Deep River

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