Trump deserves praise for improving America

All I ever see or hear is someone or some media outlet putting down our president. It never stops. He is our president. He is going to be our president for another six years. How do I know that? It is because he is what the people want for this country, no matter what the Democrats and media drag up from 10 years back to try to put him down for doing the right thing. All they want is votes, no matter legal or illegal.

Look at what President Trump has done: unemployment is at the lowest level ever; illegals are being moved out of the country (though Trump is getting no help from the judges who are stopping his work. They have no business meddling. It should be left up to Supreme Court judges only).

I could go on and on about all of Trump's qualities, unlike that last president we had who caused more hate and discontent than anything. President Obama couldn't even put his hand over his heart and salute the flag, as it might hurt someone’s feelings.

I say enough is enough.

Bart Tanner


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