Trump won because people were fed up

I don't read most of your supposed news articles because of the bias that I detect, beginning with the headline. Hillary did not lose the election because of any Russian influence in the election. She lost the election because of her record as Secretary of State and her complete disrespect of free-thinking voters (deplorables). It was an insult to the female voters to imply that they didn't have the brains to vote without their counterparts' direction.

President Trump won because the people are fed up with the do-nothing Senate and House and wanted a president who might stir up the "Good Old Boys" into doing something to improve our country. So far it is status quo in both, with obstructionism and spending millions on a corrupted investigation to try to impeach our duly elected president. The news never gives him any credit for his good accomplishments. God help this country if the liberals continue with their get-in-your-face attitude. Our president is only enforcing the laws that were already in place when he took office.

Oliver Wickerd


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