Making Canada great again?

Amidst all the hubbub, tariff tiffs, and some hurt feelings north of the border following the recent G7 meeting, it’s worth noting that even some of our Canadian friends can’t help but concede that President Trump has somehow managed to goose their economy as well as ours.

My wife and I stayed in the magnificent historic district of Quebec, one of the oldest cities in North America. A chance encounter with a delightful couple from Montreal encapsulated a common conundrum of the current political moment. As the conversation edged carefully to the often touchy subject of the U.S. president, they explained that although they generally like Americans, they simply couldn’t abide Trump’s boorishness, bellicosity and bullying. They noted that they keep up with presidential comings and goings mostly by watching CNN and reading The Washington Post.

Not to disagree, but perhaps, my wife suggested, their view of our president has been somewhat colored by those media outlets' rather aggressive posture toward all things Trump. Possibly so, the woman said. And then, almost sheepishly, her husband added, “I’ll have to admit that ever since Trump’s election, Quebec’s economy has been booming and unemployment is the lowest ever.” C’est la vie.

Nicolas Furlotte


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