Trump damaging America, reader counts the ways

The Republican Party controls the executive, legislative and, in reality, the judicial branch. Under the Constitution, the legislative and judicial branches are assigned to keeping the executive branch under control. Apparently, they are afraid of President Trump because they are doing nothing.

Here are just a few examples of Trump’s defiling of America:

DACA: “Deferred action for Childhood Arrival” is a program, initiated by President Obama, allowing certain individuals who had come to the United States illegally, as children, to avoid deportation and obtain work authorizations for two years, subject to renewal. Trump ended the Program on Sept. 5, 2017. Thus there are almost 700,000 people, of good character and contributing value but with an uncertain future.

Zero Tolerance: A program created by the Trump administration, it is aimed primarily at families, escaping from violence, requesting asylum here in America. Trump authorized the separation of thousands of children, some infants, from their families. The courts have directed Trump to reunite the families. Trump doesn’t have a plan to do so.

Trade War: He’s starting one! In the 1930s the last one exacerbated the “Great Depression.” The losers will be the American people.

And two more − withdrawing from Paris Agreement and the Iran nuclear deal, even though the wisdom of both deals was supported by science and our allies.

Richard Metayer


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