McCain, 'a great man,' touched their lives personally

The year was 2000, Sen. John McCain was coming to the Groton-New London Airport to support Rob Simmons, who was running for Congress. When my husband, Vinny, who is also a Vietnam veteran, heard McCain was coming to Groton, he said, “I have to go salute this war hero, even if he doesn’t see me.”

And, when Vinny got to the airport, it was so crowded he was three rows back from the front. As McCain, the Secret Service and various politicians passed by, Vinny, wearing his Vietnam vet hat, stood at attention and saluted his hero. Sen. McCain stopped, stood at attention and saluted my husband. Then, McCain stepped through the crowd, shook Vinny’s hand and said, “Thank you for your service!”

A great hero and a great man.

Marlene Melesko

East Lyme

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