Setting record straight, urging 'yes' vote on new Groton charter

This is to correct some recent comments on the proposed changes to the Groton Town Charter. 

1) The Town Council will appoint an initial Board of Finance to start this new program, which will only serve until November 2019, at which time citizens themselves will directly elect 7 members by voting district for four-year terms.

2) The new budget referendum itself will always be held annually on the third Tuesday in May. 

3) The nine-member Town Council will remain in place, elected by the citizens, for four-year terms. 

4) Senior citizens like myself (at 78) will continue with very supportive programs provided by the council and town staff, including the Job's Fair, veteran's property tax exemptions, energy assistance and renters' rebate. Additional programs will continue focused on low-income and minority families, including various support groups, counseling, home visits and parent education classes. 

Finally, the new charter allows citizens to vote directly on the town and school budgets on how our tax money is spent, rather than have our votes made by a group of people who don't necessarily represent our opinions. In other words, we will finally get to represent ourselves. 

Vote "yes" on Groton's new charter. 

Ed Johnson



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