The numbers don’t lie, vote 'yes' on charter

The following are facts about Groton’s government: 

1. Since 2015, Social Security benefits have increased a total of 2 percent. Groton taxes have ballooned 15 percent. (Sources: Social Security Administration, Town of Groton mill rate) 

2. Since 2013, the average amount that the RTM has changed the Town Council’s annual budget is a miniscule one-quarter of one percent. (Source: Town of Groton) 

3. On average, 25 percent of RTM representatives do not show up for their regular meetings. (Source: 2018 town clerk’s official minutes) 

Conclusion: The RTM raises taxes at an alarming rate, moves in lock-step with the free-spending Town Council and suffers from an egregious absentee rate. The people of Groton deserve better. Groton voters who know the facts will vote "yes" for a new charter on Nov. 6.

Carl Peruzzotti



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