What charter changes would mean

Groton Charter change info: If it is approved, the RTM will be dissolved within 14 days of the vote, the Town Council will be tasked with appointing a Board of Finance, one member from each voting district, to advise the council on the annual budget.

The council budget includes the general operating budget and the Board of Education budget. If part of the budget gets rejected, a referendum vote costing $10,000 to $25,000 will take place until such time as the budget gets approved. This has to be approved by June 30, or the original budget becomes the temporary budget until one is approved.

All new town laws become the action of the Town Council and are now subject to electors’ right to petition for a referendum to defeat the ordinance adopted. An ordinance can be defeated if at least 5 percent of registered voters petition for a referendum and at least 15 percent of the registered voters vote against the new law at the referendum!

All nine town councilors will serve four-year terms. No more than two-thirds can be from the same political party (minority representation law).

Steve Garnon



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