Distressed about choices in race for governor

This is probably going to be one of the worst choices for governor we ever had. Neither major party candidate is saying anything about how they will cut spending vs. imposing new taxes on people who are already over taxed. It is time that those in Hartford learned to live within their income.

Furthermore, it will be the same band of bandits in charge that got us into this mess. Democrat Ned Lamont is facing a defeat because he is duplicating Gov. Malloy, saying he will raise taxes instead of cutting spending. There are hundreds of ways to cut spending without layoffs, but no one is even trying.

Let’s start by eliminating one of the two residences the president of the University of Connecticut has; reductions in the number of days you can save sick or vacation time; and rate of pay. There are many more, but they too involve labor unions.

Did you know that the state estimates it will cost one-third of a person’s salary for their benefits? Yep. Judges qualify for pension benefits after four years; or working part time and collecting too, and the beat goes on. Don't forget to turn off the lights.

Jim Rondeau



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