Vote for integrity, vote blue on Nov. 6

There’s a sign at Groton’s Republican Headquarters, “The silent majority stands with Trump.” When Dems call them out, they deny it like Judas, but why should they? They’ve transformed partisan politics into full-on blood games promoting dishonest, unethical and self-serving, corrupt leadership, and it's working! They demonize refugees, undermine health care, blow up the deficit, promote extreme income inequality, undermine every safeguard designed to make America great for everyone.

If birds of a feather flock together, then consider local candidates state Rep. John Scott and Sen. Heather Somers. When John was  previously a representative, he pushed to shift college kids into private insurance, steering state funded contracts to three companies, including his.

Heather misrepresents her own positions. After the attack on Parkland High, she attended events deploring gun violence, telling students gun safety is a priority, but she voted against a bump-stock ban and, after it passed, voted to eliminate the penalty for violating the new law.

Democrats across southeastern Connecticut are running candidates that stand for truth, integrity and service above self. Go Blue.

Conrad Heede


Editor's note: Mr. Heede is chair of the Groton Democrats.


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