Statchen will help lead Connecticut in the right direction

I am writing to urge voters to support the candidacy of Bob Statchen for state Senate. Statchen is simply a stellar individual and candidate. A veteran, a colonel, a teacher, and a gentleman. It's refreshing to have a candidate who is as intelligent and thoughtful as Bob Statchen. He sincerely wants what is best for the state and the people of his district, not just his political party. 

By way of contrast, his opponent, Senator Somers, claims to be independent-minded, but her record reveals that she votes the party line 98 percent of the time. That’s not what we need in Hartford! We need someone who considers the issues seriously and votes for what he thinks is right, not what is right for the part y. 

Colonel Statchen has been a leader for years. Upon arrival in Hartford he will quickly be recognized as such. He will have enormous impact and will help lead the state in the right direction.

Let’s give him that chance. Vote Statchen for state Senate.

Andrew Westwood



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