Keeping Trump in office benefits Democrats politically, bad for country

Politically, Democrats would be better served not to impeach Donald Trump. Left as president, Trump will become the single most motivating factor for Americans to vote Democrat. Record numbers of Republicans have defected and voted Democrat in opposition to identifying themselves with the xenophobic Trumpublican party.

Consequently, this disastrous presidency cannot continue! Donald Trump hosts an infectious disease exasperated by “hoof in mouth and tweeter finger.” He uses the Bully Pulpit to broadcast his divisive plague of fear mongering, hate, intolerance, and bigotry.

Trump's self-patronizing base serves only to inflate his already gargantuan ego by feeding off of and encouraging his venomous rhetoric. This frightening reality show is destroying the credibility of the presidency globally while violating the Constitution continuously, exploiting the military, ignoring the Rule of Law and devastating our democracy. Donald Trump has not just created a constitutional crisis, he is a living, breathing constitutional crisis!

I believe the voters in our country have awakened to a daunting reality: Trump does not possess the integrity, demeanor, vocabulary or I.Q. to effectively continue as president.

Richard Metsack

Old Saybrook


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