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Trump highly successful, but media ignores it

Media wasn’t outraged when President Obama condemned Fox News, the only conservative view news network. The liberal media’s reporting is unjustly over 90 percent negative against President Trump causing him to lash out and he is accused of being anti-First Amendment. No, it’s not about stifling the news it’s about reporters giving an opinion disguised as journalism.

Typically Democrats are anti-military and under Obama our police were vilified and are being ambushed and killed at record numbers and now Democrats are attacking ICE. Obviously they are anti-rule of law in so many ways.

Under President Trump manufacturing jobs are coming back. In case you haven’t heard, as the media skirts over anything positive, we have the lowest unemployment among black, Hispanic and female Americans ever.

More Democrats are leaning towards socialism. Although free stuff always sounds good, keep in mind there is no tree behind the White House where the money grows. It comes out of your paycheck. Are you willing to give up more?

We’ve had our share of presidentia’ presidents but can you name anything they actually did? Trump has accomplished more in this short time than any other.

Judy Moran



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