Boycott effectively targets destruction of Israel

The Day performed a valuable public service by publishing Whitt Flora's op-ed, "College critics of Israel can fuel anti-Semitism," (Nov. 12), but Flora greatly understates the problem and is incorrect in stating the goal of the boycotts is to force a change in Israel's policies towards the Palestinian Arabs. 

The founders and leaders of the BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) movement have been quite clear that their goal isn't about changing Israel, but is about destroying Israel.

Thus, having the goal of destroying the world's only Jewish state, BDS doesn't just fuel anti-Semitism but is itself inherently anti-Semitic and fuels violence and terrorism. The more than 400 rockets Hamas and other Palestinian terror groups in Gaza launched at Israelis recently (ironically killing a Palestinian Arab from Hebron), is just one example of the terrorist activity BDS encourages. The rockets were coming so fast that, sitting in my living room in Netanya, fortunately slightly out of range, I turned off my "Red Alert" app because it was dinging so much I couldn't concentrate on anything. 

Alan Stein

Netanya, Israel and Natick, Massachusetts

Editor’s note: The writer is President Emeritus of PRIMER-Connecticut, Promoting Responsibility in Middle East Reporting


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