Positive behavior can be contagious

Every day during the Clinton, Bush, Obama, and Trump presidencies, something good has happened in my world, country, state, and city. As time has passed over the last two decades, I hear less about positive things, and more about negative ones.

I give much credit to conservative talk radio commentator Rush Limbaugh for this. He showed the effectiveness of steadfastly insisting everything “they” did was wrong, sensationalizing and systematically playing on fears. Other hosts from both “sides” have emulated him to increase ratings. Politicians followed suit to get elected.

Media did the same for sales. The Internet is flooded with negative content.

I have close friends on both "sides" who are well-meaning, intelligent, nice people. They all tend to listen to talk show hosts, politicians, media sources, or Facebook friends with their own perspectives. As these sources become more biased and negative, I sense that people are following suit.

I have been grateful for the life I have, regardless of who has been president. I encourage people of all beliefs to champion their causes rather than criticizing someone else’s. Better yet, get involved locally. Positive behavior is as contagious as the alternative and goes a long way in making life more pleasant for everyone.

Dan McDonnell

New London


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