Day and Post have a selective concern about American values

How do you spell hypocrite? Read The Day guest editorial from the left-wing newspaper the Washington Post. They are attacking the decision by President Trump to continue doing business with the imperfect country of Saudi Arabia. 

It seems just like yesterday, that former President Obama embraced the worst terrorist-sponsoring country, Iran.

Yes, Obama and John Kerry sent plane loads of cash − pallets full of money − to the terrorist country of Iran. Terrorist groups are now using American money to kill Americans and others throughout the Middle East. Hezbollah and other Shiite militias, funded by Iran, are responsible for the killing and wounding of hundreds of Americans and not a peep about this in the Day or Washington Post. 

Terrorists funded by Iran are responsible for the beheading of many of their prisoners and it is not reported by the "fake news" media. The rush to criticize Trump has become an all-consuming effort to destroy our duly elected government. It  also has another purpose; destroy and silence anyone who voted for him. 

All over the country left-wing thugs are attacking anyone who doesn't follow their party line. They confront people in the streets, chase people off college campuses. "Protestors" bang on families homes and verbally attack people in restaurants.

What was that about American values again? 

Tony Petros



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