NFA fixation, suggests Day news is lacking

News for the Day articles must be disappearing. During the past week the paper has published several that have implemented stories describing the poor image criteria of NFA concerning a student sex incident. The Day’s, “Norwich Board of Education to discuss NFA investigation Tuesday,” (Nov. 30), on the front page, editorial page, “NFA officials sought to protect NFA, not its students,” (Nov. 30) and even the sports page, “NFA protected its image before its students, which is reprehensible,” didn’t know that high school sports was that kind of activity.

School education is far more complex than any of the stories presented. NFA’s Head of School David Klein, in his letter, so stated that students’ education is the most important problem to be understood at any school function and is under control by the school and staff. The current problem is under police and staff evaluation and surely will be addressed and corrected.

The image of NFA has not been poorly influenced by the continued reporting efforts found in the paper stating the same subjects and not subject to school education, nor with parents to better understand their children’s activities. NFA is still one of the finest institutions for any student to attend and be one of the proud graduates. Back to the news, collusion! 

Donald E. Leone Sr.



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