Trump’s stinging lies. How did we get here?

Trump faces growing legal danger,” (Dec. 10), Day cover story accompanied by dozens of smiling Santas running up Bank Street as if they know what’s coming from President Trump’s beehive of lies. The Washington Post reported in September that Trump’s lie total topped 5,000, eliminating the scent of credibility from “Trump maintains his innocence” that is reduced to yada yada nonsense from the Obama birther liar on steroids.

While Republican special counsel investigator Robert Mueller has gotten guilty pleas from Trump’s former campaign manager (Paul Manafort) and personal lawyer (Michael Cohen), everyone has been caught lying about lies prompting: “Is there anything Trump, Cohen and Manafort didn’t lie about?”

The sad truth is there is no reliable truth in the executive branch of our “climate change is good for you” government that gives Rudy Giuliani’s “truth isn’t truth” an inside track for quote of the year honors, though is no threat to Rhode Island’s Talking Heads brilliant paraphrase, “My god, how did I get here?”

Jay Lustgarten



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