Who pays legal fees for CMEEC defense?

Who will pay for the legal fees to defend the five alleged CMEEC felons indicted by the FBI after an investigation and an audit that raises significant issues as to impropriety? No small potatoes. Will the ratepayers carry the costs to retain five attorneys who deal with white collar crimes and not little cases like DUI or breach of peace? Monies that ratepayers will lose to reduce their utilities bills.

Does anyone think when someone breaks into their home and steals rent money or food stamps that they should pay for their defense? I don't think so. If one reads the indemnification section of the CMEEC bylaws or the nonprofit statute, it is a real stretch to include payment of criminal legal fees when fraud, theft, and conspiracy are charged against your own employees for their own enjoyment.

What is CMEEC doing? Have they already entered into a retainer agreement for their employees with attorneys? Is this what you call transparency? They didn't get any bonds as called for under the bylaws, too busy arranging for trips. Public companies don't give bonuses, they give excursions to golf courses and race tracks. We must speak up before it is too late.

Martin M. Rutchik



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