Too few showed up at RTM budget meeting

To her credit, Groton RTM Moderator Syma Ebbin called an RTM meeting for Jan. 9 to address the budget early. Only 25 of the 41 representatives attended. This after we were told ad nauseum during the recent referendum how critical the RTM is to representing Groton’s citizens. Almost half of them don’t even bother to show up and do their jobs!

The meeting was attended by those RTM members who actually do their jobs, the town manager, finance director and Town Councilor Rachael Franco. Glaringly absent was the superintendent of schools. Per Board of Education Chairman Kim Watson, the superintendent will not be attending many RTM budget meetings. 

The education budget represents almost two-thirds of Groton’s budget, yet Ms. Watson feels that her fiefdom is not answerable to taxpayers. How dare she thumb her nose at the taxpayers! Fortunately, there appears to be growing awareness by those who do show up at the RTM that the Board of Education budget is not transparent and the superintendent’s answers to their questions are evasive. You spend most of our money; you are accountable to us, Ms. Watson. Do your job! And maybe someday the entire RTM will even show up.

Carl Peruzzotti



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