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Elci parrots hate group

This is in response to Lee Elci’s op-ed, “Protect the border, focus on Americans,” (Jan. 10). I was looking forward to Mr. Elci’s first article on the editorial page, but was totally disappointed and outraged when I realized he is parroting the ideas of the Federation for American Immigration Reform. This group has been declared a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center. If you research this group, its foundation is one of white nationalism and will twist facts and figures to make its point regarding legal and illegal immigration. Unfortunately, Mr. Elci has chosen the wrong source to make his arguments on the editorial page of The Day. There is no room for lies, or twisting facts in any rational debate. Mr. Elci has done a disservice to The Day, the people of southeastern Connecticut and to the United States of America. I hope he can see his way clear and denounce this hate group that he has chosen as his primary source of information.

Harry Mantzaris



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