Heart was weak, but dog's love strong

Following up on Diane Amburn’s letter, “Column touched on importance of pets,” (Feb. 2). On Jan. 29 we had to put our beloved Bishon Frise on up to heaven. She had been suffering from beginning of Cushing’s disease and acute dementia. The great doctors at VCA New London did tell us her heart was very good and that she looked great.

She had been with my husband and I almost 15 years and meant a lot to us, living with us as a family member. She was born by cesarean to a very loving, docile mother at the hospital. She was born with a weak heart and when brought home, my brother and sister-in-law massaged her heart after it quickly stopped. He brought her back and I decided that was the only one that I wanted out of the litter of seven.

Being National Heart Month, this was a good time to let readers know that my heart bleeds for the great loss of our little companion.

I look forward to reading Diane’s pet book about pets that talk to us. Our home has quite the loneliness and quietness and will never be the same. Rest in Peace my angel.

Susan Mariano



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