Provide no forum for climate-change deniers

The Day does not serve its readers by printing right-wing ideologues. Cal Thomas, for example, mocks the science that climate change is a world-wide threat.

The IPCC report written by 91 authors and 40 review editors, 133 contributing authors, containing 6,000 scientific references, was subject to over 42,000 expert and government review comments before publication. Estimates are that we have 12 years left until the point of no return.

President Trump doesn't believe science and Republicans support him. Instead, he has opened offshore and Arctic drilling, encouraged coal burning, removed environmental protections, and made the U.S. the only country not in the Paris Agreement.

The IPCC report was probably too optimistic.

Republicans don´t just deny the science, they suppress it by scrubbing it from websites, censor people with expertise, and defund on-going research.

Expect more violent storms, melting glaciers, great rivers reduced to a trickle, drought as aquifers are depleted, raging forest fires, the ocean acidifies, coral disappears, crops fail. Across North Africa, the Middle East, parts of China and Australia, temperature rise is alreeady making large areas uninhabitable. Climate collapse will make mass migration necessary. Resulting wars could be nuclear.

With business as usual, this is how the world ends.

Robert Vogel

East Lyme



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