Time to sell Norwich Public Utilities

It seems clear after recent events that Norwich Public Utilities remains greedy and corrupt, especially under the enabling leadership of Grace Jones. At this point give me Eversource. NPU isn’t cheaper than Eversource and doesn’t provide a more quality service.

The time has come to sell NPU to the highest bidder and be done with their antics that continue to scar Norwich. Take the money from the sale and put it in a savings/investment fund and use the yearly interest and gains to fund education, which we desperately need. The only education Norwich children get from NPU is a lesson in immorality.

Chris LaRose has continued the fine tradition of gladly accepting a salary upwards of $200,000 in addition to a $750 per month car stipend. We would surely see more money from the interest and gains than we get from the pitiful 10 percent give back. We could be done with CMEEC and all its controversies. Everyone wants to demonize corporations, but I know of no Eversource employees being indicted by the FBI. 

Philip Brose



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