Martinez well suited to represent New London at this critical time

History teaches us that most of the major initiatives undertaken by any new administration, gubernatorial or presidential, usually occur within the first few months of the first term of that new administration. With a new governor, elected on a progressive platform, along with super majorities in the state legislature willing to consider progressive reforms, the outcome of New London’s special election for state representative becomes all the more important.

Whoever our city elects will be immediately thrust, on day one, into the middle of some of the most comprehensive and complicated policy debates that have taken place in our state in decades. Whoever we elect must have a remarkable breadth of knowledge and a true attention to detail if they hope to meaningfully contribute to the legislative debates concerning a wide range of important policy topics.

I believe anyone who knows the candidates in this election, and objectively assesses their skill sets, will reach the same conclusion I have; that Mirna Martinez is the strong progressive woman New London needs to represent us at this critical moment in our state’s history.

Please join me in voting for Mirna Martinez for state representative on Tuesday Feb. 26.

Daryl Finizio

New London

Editor's note: The letter writer is the former mayor of New London. 



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