Trump's flag disrespect was shocking, horrifying

The current president and his administration have been exhausting and troubling to me. The corruption, scandals and norm-busting have been staggering, to the point where I must refrain from going down every rabbit hole, for the sake of my own sanity.

Two recent situations have been so horrifying to me that I must comment. Both involve the denigration of our American flag. First is the shocking display of Old Glory beside the flag of North Korea at both the Singapore and Hanoi summits. Our Stars and Stripes do not belong next to the flag of a brutal dictatorship which starves, exploits and imprisons its own people. The two symbols do not even belong in the same room; never mind side by side on the world stage.

The second horror is the video of our president embracing and fondling our flag as if it is one of his mistresses. This man has no idea what a patriot is. Perhaps someone should tell him.

In the meantime, he has no ground on which to stand when he accuses others of disrespecting our flag and our troops. I hope the 2020 election will end this nightmare.

Deborah Chang

East Lyme


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