Radio remains major force to reach consumers

In “Southeastern Connecticut is Under the Social Media Influence,” (March 3), several statements are made about radio that require examination. The article states that “younger millennials and Generation Z-ers … are hard to reach through traditional forms of advertising like … radio.” According to the most recent Nielsen survey (NEW LONDON, CT; FA18 SD/SP18 SD; Metro; M-Su 6a-12m) radio reaches 87 percent of all people 12-plus in the New London County market (203,900 individuals) on a weekly basis. Of those younger generations, radio reaches 81.8 percent of the 18-34 demographic (50,400 individuals weekly) and 76.7 percent of the 12-17 demographic (14,500 weekly). The cited statistic of influencer Jean Michael Coronado’s Instagram followers at 8,900 pales in comparison.

I dispute that social media influencers are the best choice for local businesses. Many of Jean Michael Coronado’s Instagram followers are from all over the world, including Bolivia, Brazil, Peru, and Denver to name a few. For a brand whose goods can be purchased and shipped anywhere in the world (like Vineyard Vines), social influencers can be a great asset. However, for a local business like a restaurant, the key to growth is inviting the local community into your establishment.

Jessica Vargas

V.P./Market Manager at Cumulus Media

New London


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