Science shows need to move from fossil fuels, nuclear

The column, "Did you vote for Green New Deal silliness" (March 5), indeed is notable for its pretense and faulty science. To begin, one would think that a writer representing a business consulting firm would be aware of the cascading economic and environmental disaster that is fracking for natural gas. Many major investors have come to realize that enormous debts will never be repaid; the result being that additional funds for expanding drilling operations are often now being denied. Natural gas on all fronts is a cleaner-burning fuel than, as example here, coal. But a key issue is that methane, the main component of natural gas, is itself an important greenhouse cause which in the short term is more effective in trapping heat than is carbon dioxide, the usual focus of discussion.

Methane leaks are common in all natural gas procurement and delivery systems, including fracking. In another example the author makes the common erroneous observation that nuclear power doesn't emit any greenhouse gases. In fact, all of mining, isotope enrichment, transport and disposal of nuclear fuel generate significant flows of carbon dioxide, as does the production of huge quantities of concrete utilized in construction of reactor facilities.

As for fossil, soon the energy used to extract a unit will exceed its energy content.

Robert L. Methot



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