Overturn straw ordinance in Stonington, it goes too far

On April 11 Stonington passed an ordinance, by hand vote, that gives the town the power to impose $150 fines and to revoke the business license of an establishment for giving a patron a straw if they didn’t ask for it. This ordinance is not “self-enforced” as advertised. It is not a pretty, multicolored, save the whales poster to hang on the wall in a grammar school. It is an ordinance with severe penalties and can be enforced with the full powers of the town.

This ordnance only applies to restaurants where the patrons are seated and served their drinks. It is highly unlikely the straws from a sit-down restaurant are escaping the trash cans and finding their way into our waterways. This ordinance is a threat to the people least responsible for the problem.

How will the ordinance be monitored? Will the waitstaff need to record their conversations? This is a bad ordinance for our town and our local restaurants don’t need this hanging over their heads. It presents a high risk for restaurants that we want in our town, and for very little return.

If you would like to sign a petition to overrule this ordnance, send me an e-mail at 2713bumstead@gmail.com.

Tom Maher






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