Why back Trump? Here are some reasons

Let's see if I can shed some light on why the middle class strongly remains in President Trump's camp.

To start with, "Making America Great Again" just seems so American to me. It is easy for those of us who served in a military uniform to understand what it took for us to live in freedom. Look up the word sacrifice and let it sink in.

Secondly, the middle class, young and old are not so stupid as to think everything should be free, as some Democratic candidates propose. Socialism has been tried in many countries, failing to improve the needs of their people. Travel the world as I have, starting with Cuba. It is sad to see the poverty and laws these people live under. But if you are looking for votes there are suckers born every minute.

Third, why is it so hard to understand that killing babies is wrong? Trump is working to reverse Roe vs. Wade.

As for immigration, if you came here illegally you have violated the law. Why are sanctuary cities allowed? They run counter to civil society. 

Finally, the far left is preaching the Green New Deal of no more oil or fuel to run machinery, kill the cows, provide free education, etc.

I will vote Democrat when pigs fly.

Harold T. Moreash

Jensen Beach, Florida


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