Hassan found hate where none existed

After reading Sameer Hassan’s letter, “No way to hide hatred for Palestinians,” (May 8), I reread Alan Stein’s letter, which was the subject of Hassan’s attack. Stein’s letter is a straightforward exposition of facts and shows no hatred. 

Moreover, in his letter, Hassan omits critical facts. For example, he fails to say that the division of Hebron was a concession by Israel to the Palestinian Authority and created a situation where Israeli Jews have no access to 80 percent of the city which was King David's first capital, before Jerusalem. He fails to explain that the reasons there's a small Jewish population there is that the Arabs massacred the Jews in 1929, driving out every Jew who survived, and that Jordan didn’t allow any Jews there while it controlled the whole territory from 1948 to 1967. 

Finally, the Tree of Life Educational Fund, which Hassan seems to endorse, promotes the BDS boycott movement, founded by people with the goal of destroying Israel.

Mark I. Fishman, Esq.

President, PRIMER-Connecticut (Promoting Responsibility in Middle East Reporting)

New Haven


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