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Trump's 'achieved' much, which is unfortunate

The June 1 letter, “Trump gets the job done, but still, the left keeps attacking,” prompts a full-throated agreement from this innocent bystander, but let’s question exactly what the job is that he has gotten done:

1) Climate change denial prerequisite to all cabinet positions? 2) Loading his cabinet with ethical grifters, forcing the two most vital Earth protectors from office (EPA’s Scott Pruitt and Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke)? 3) U.S. abandonment of Paris Climate Agreement treaty as we cede moral high ground to Iran and Syria, nice! Trump’s USA vs. the world! 4) U.S. withdrawal from the international Iran nuclear treaty? 5) Tearing screaming children from mother’s arms and putting toddlers in cages? 6) Pursuing climate destroying off-shore drilling while turning away from non-polluting off-shore wind farms claiming in April that wind turbines cause cancer? 7) Courting the NRA’s gun crazy agenda? 8) Ignoring U.S. intelligence warning of election vulnerability as children show ease of hacking our elections? 9) Degrading the U.S. presidency (broader impact on communication credibility?), lying 10,111 times during first 828 days in office?

Like the fact checkers, we both could go on, but enough enough already! Lifelong Republicans: You’re not leaving the Republican Party, the party left you!

Jay Lustgarten



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