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Resource officer scapegoat for inaction of many

I have been troubled by the hypocrisy within the coverage of the sad plight of Scot Peterson, the resource officer on duty at the time of the tragic shooting at Parkland High School that left 17 people dead. At the time of the shooting last year, a variety of people disparaged his "cowardice" for retreating from the school rather than charging in, including our draft-dodging president whose bone spurs mattered more than serving his country. 

Let's be clear: Peterson did not bring an assault rifle to school intent on taking maximum life, Nicholas Cruz did this. He had a demonstrated propensity towards violence that went unchecked by authorities who were alerted to his behavior numerous times prior to the Parkland shooting but did nothing. However, it is Peterson's "inaction" that is being highlighted to distract us away from the fact that guns will always kill people and that, no matter how many times this happens, politicians show a similar inaction rather than lose the financial support they get from the NRA. 

Next time you are tempted to create yet another traumatized victim, as society has done with Peterson, put your machismo aside and consider that he alone did not fail Parkland that day.

Cyndia Shook



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