No simple solutions to addressing violence

A recent commentary, “Guns: a public health problem for everyone,” (June 10), featured the voices of two clergywomen, wherein both expressed well-intended concerns over firearms and the victims of their abuse. However, while I endorse meaningful changes and possible regulation of certain firearms, I am not convinced that more radical restrictions on firearms will result in a solid long-term solution to the violence that often features their misuse. Data needs to be amassed in an epidemiological manner with government funding and action needs to be taken to stop this disease.

The fact is that the government does not require computerization of firearm registration by the ATF; this is done on paper since the government never passed legislation to allow this due to paranoid governmental fear. Sadly, there are more ways to commit suicide than via firearm, and I think the cause of the victims' preceding depression should be investigated.

Suicide among veterans is an especially egregious issue. Overall, taking away one tool of violence may not lead to a sustainable and notable decrease in overall violence, but instead we should consider combating the memes, cultural attitudes, and mental illness epidemics among various demographics that lead to gun violence.

Max Engel

East Lyme


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