Local Democrats proud of enacted budget

The news story, “At business breakfast, Republicans say legislature has ‘declared war on small businesses’,” (June 12), paints an inaccurate picture of the 2019 legislative session. 

Republican legislators outnumbered Democrats at the Greater Norwich Area Chamber of Commerce breakfast three to one. Republicans didn’t propose a state budget this year. Instead, they spend time complaining. 

The chamber asked area legislators to work on five issues this session: the bonus depreciation tax deduction; income tax credits for first-time homebuyers; job training in high schools; supporting the Special Transportation Fund; and maintaining the Medicare Savings Program for seniors. We achieved three of those five goals, and introduced legislation with Republicans on tax credits, which unfortunately didn’t make it through the Finance Committee. 

Democrats did create a new multi-million dollar hemp industry, instituted tax breaks for craft beer makers, increased tax breaks for angel investors who support business start-ups, repealed the $250 business entity tax, funded job pipeline programs, enacted debt-free community college, and held the line on income, sales, corporate, and gas tax rates. Connecticut's Rainy Day Fund is now the largest in history. 

Republicans will complain about the budget until Election Day 2020, but failed to create an alternative. But that doesn’t mean the budget we have is bad. 

State Sen. Cathy Osten


State Rep. Kevin Ryan




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