Progressive socialist agenda is ruining Connecticut

Canard, an unfounded rumor or story? So that's the Day’s editorial opinion regarding the effect of a large company moving its corporate office out of Connecticut? I'm just guessing here, but I am pretty sure a state taxes earnings on a business like UTC on where it incorporates its headquarters, not where it's manufacturing plants are located. If that's true, then the loss of revenue to the state is much more than the highly paid employees that move with the headquarters. But more troubling is the fact that so many of Connecticut’s businesses are moving their headquarters and in some cases their manufacturing plants out of this state.

The history is there but progressive socialism is only interested in repeating its worldwide failure of bringing government to its final core value − chaos! Here's my opinion. The American people have seen through the progressive socialist smoke screen not only on the state level but on the national level. Many have misjudged the will of America to protect its way of life and our Constitution. One of our most ardent adversaries once said, "I fear all we have done is awakened a sleeping giant." (Admiral Yamamoto Isoroku, regarding Pearl Harbor). 

James L. Miller



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