Dust off old Soviet wall for our border

President Trump's oft-repeated statement that friendship with Russia is not a bad thing has given me an idea, one that would literally and figuratively cement our countries' healing relationship, plus, solve our border problem.

We need a wall. The Kremlin has one that's not needed. It's old, mortared brick, tall and fortified with 20 towers. Friends Vladimir and POTUS could strike a deal to dismantle it, then reconstruct it along the Rio Grande where it and its observation towers could be put to good use. Don't scoff. This isn't a hair-brained idea. Years ago, London Bridge was taken down, shipped to the U.S. and reassembled stone by stone in Arizona.

Since good fences make good neighbors, Mexico, I'm sure, would be happy to pick up any expenses, finally fulfilling the president's campaign promise. The Russian barrier is, after all, an historical gem, stylishly designed by Italian architects and pleasing to the eye (no slats). Mexico will probably name it "El Muro de la Amistad," The Friendship Wall.

Russ Pennington



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