Impresario Don Trump offers 4th of July salute to America

Reality show star Don Trump — “Apprentice,” “Republican Presidential Campaign 2016,” “President of the United States of America” — let it all hang out July 4 with his most extravagant production to date: “4th of July Salute to America.”

Trump, who took the controls as executive producer, show runner, director, music director, choreographer and star, worked closely with the U.S. Army, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard and Space Force to “…honor the country better than it’s ever been honored.” 4JSA was held in the rain before a cheering audience of thousands.

The format for the show was disarmingly simple: for 45 minutes, Mr. Trump at center stage with a hand mic, recited a loose collection of anecdotes from U.S. military history, punctuated every now and then by a musical number rendered by chorus and orchestra of one of the military branches, and accompanied by flyovers of assorted helicopters, fighter jets and Air Force One.

“I think this must be the best the country has ever been honored on the 4th of July, or any time, come to think of it,” said Mr. Trump, with that encouraging grin and emphatic nod of his head.

Charles Harding



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