Regulating short-term rentals in Noank

The Noank Zoning Commission and town attorney have invested many hours in trying to fairly compose zoning regulations for short-term rentals. As an AIRBNB home occupied host present at the last two meetings, I discovered that short-term rentals have been occurring here for a very long time by many residents. I question if the need to regulate this activity has been blown out of proportion. I only see two major issues causing concern: parking and noise, which can be easily remedied by the town implementing two ordinances — one for noise, the other for parking.

Years back the police ticketed those illegally parking on Noble and Marsh for the beach concerts. The Groton Town Police advised me there is not a noise ordinance here. They do follow up on complaints and have given out warnings to guests that are too loud. Repeat offenders could be fined or arrested for disturbing the peace.

An ordinance for noise would bring additional income in for the town and nip the problem in the bud.

Jean Clark



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