Irony in Elci's take on Kaepernick

It’s not a Republican thing, or a Democrat thing; it’s an irony thing. Imagine Lee Elci  (July 11), referring to Colin Kaepernick as “a failed, mediocre, former professional quarterback who holds himself up as the most noble-minded, righteous individual on the planet.” The next time Lee takes a selfie he might see himself exactly as he depicted Kaepernick.

I don’t agree with Kaepernick’s issues with Nike, but his remarks made you think. Both parties, in their respective style, pander to the question of race — note the Democrats' confounding conversation on reparations. At least they admit the issues of race into the dialogue.

But you can’t get upset with Lee, he is so unwittingly entertaining. I imagine that in his red, white, and blue shirt, he might be on stage and laying on the right-wing shtick. I’d venture he has a great career as a conjuror.

Look what he’s done with the lyrics to "The Star Spangled Banner." He has taken the references to “slaves” and “hirelings” and with a wave of his hand, insisted they had “nothing to do with race.”

Lee, they might have had a smidge to do with race. If not, why throw in “freemen” in the fourth verse?

Joe Harper



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