100 bills stalled in Senate

We have many problems today, such as, foreign interference in our elections, unreasonable medical costs, and global warming. Shouldn’t Congress be doing something?

Bills, to be enacted, require approval by both the House and the Senate. The Democrat-led House has approved 100 bills since January and sent them to the Republican-led Senate for approval. Senator McConnell, the Republican Senate leader, refuses to take up anything of substance.

Here are a few of those waiting:

• HR1“For the People Act” — to secure elections from foreign interference and to make voting more accessible.

• HR987 “The strengthening healthcare and lowering prescription drug costs act” — to lower prescription drug prices, bolster “The Affordable Care Act” (Obamacare) and protect care for those with pre-existing conditions

• HR9 “The climate action now act” — to bar Trump from exiting the “Paris Agreement.” (We are virtually the only advanced nation that doesn’t support the agreement).

• HR1585 “The violence against women reauthorization act” — to provide funding for tackling domestic abuse and prohibiting firearm purchases for those convicted or under a restraining order.

• HR6 “The American dream and promise act” — to provide protection for “Dreamers” who came here illegally as children.

Senator McConnell, what are you afraid of?

Richard Metayer



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