Debt will weigh down millenials

In June I attended a Mystic dinner hosted by a seasoned financial planner assuring people nearing retirement age that Social Security will be with us forever because we vote and they (millennials) don’t. I provoked startled stares when I factually declared, “The U.S. government’s numbers crunchers unanimously disagree with the distinguished gentleman.” The ubiquitous resentful ignorance in the room amused me. Obviously, none of them had a clue as to Social Security’s actual situation. Talk about whistling in the dark.

This occurred at about the exact time that the $22 trillion-dollar national debt and $125 trillion in unfunded government liabilities (including Social Security) amounted to more than $1 million per American taxpayer ($1,014,600 to be exact)! This is the one single damning factoid none of our 20-plus presidential candidates, mass media or citizens (excepting nuts like me) dare mention. Only government bureaucrats compelled to produce the true facts state the obvious, that we sail on a river destined for a Niagara Falls descent.

As for the “don’t vote” millennials, I believe they’ll do a lot of more dramatic things than vote when they comprehend how ruthlessly their elders swindled them before they were even born.

Martin Crane

New London


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