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Being 5 for a day; it was wonderful

I’m sitting at work today, July 16, feeling sorry for myself. I have to work because I’m huge on helping animals, my own and the ones in the shelters. I sit here thinking, "I want to be five-years-old again, just for a day, instead of being 66-years-old." 

My five-year-old self doesn't think, "I better make the best of the day, because I have to return to work tomorrow." Nope, at five I’m without a care in the world. I’m at Ocean Beach. 

I switch from building sandcastles to playing in the cool ocean water, with those delightful waves rolling in. I can swim, but mom and dad still keep a close watch. Mom keeps applying sun block, so I don’t get a sunburn. 

At day's end we will go home. I’ll fall soundly asleep from a day of fresh ocean air.

When I awake up in the morning, I’m 66-years-old again. The routine of going to work starts over. 

It sure was wonderful being five once more, even for a day. 

Diane L. Amburn



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