Getting at the real reasons for the baseless investigation of Trump

Exoneration? I found The Day's choice of the AP article, "Mueller: No Russia Exoneration for Trump," (July 25), as an above the fold headline, a curious one for a couple of reasons. First, there is no "exoneration" option available in the U.S. legal system, someone is either guilty or not guilty. The Mueller Report's use of it was unprecedented, and obviously partisan driven to continue the "fake cloud" in this whole Trump/Russia contrivance.

Secondly, for anyone who watched the tortured testimony of Robert Mueller, it was clear he didn't write the report that bore his name. His was a bumbling, mumbling mess, with a tenuous grasp of facts, timing, and substance. This whole exercise was nothing more than a "Hail Mary" attempt by two hyper artisans, Trump-hating Democratic Committee chairmen, Rep. Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler, to stoke a fire long since abandoned by America as a whole. There are two independent, ongoing investigations as to the origins of the farce we've endured for two years, and who was behind its genesis (can you say Hillary Clinton?).

When it all finally shakes out, there will be heads rolling, and the Democrats choice of an ass as their mascot will never have become more appropriate.

Jim Baker



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