Trump met expectations, and that's unfortunate

A couple of days after Trump was elected, I sent the following letter for publication. 

“Make America Great Again.” We can look forward to: the knock on the door at midnight from the immigration gestapo (remind you of anything); the rejection to immigrate if your God is Allah; the surveillance of your place of worship if your God is Allah; water boarding; law that prohibits marrying a person of the same sex, law that prohibits abortion, more money in politics; climate change denial with rising sea levels, higher temperatures, more severe tornadoes, hurricanes; increases in death and disease due to rescinding the ACA; more deaths by gun; lower taxes for the 1 percent; relaxing regulations on Wall Street (that worked out well in 2008); Iran spinning up its centrifuges; more terrorism; minimum (starvation) wage; cutbacks in Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid; trade deals that increase a one-dollar item in the Christmas Tree Shop to $5 along with higher unemployment and a global recession; and the possibility of pushing the red button."

The Republican Party appears to be morphing into the Fascist party as described in the novel, “It Can’t Happen Here,” published in 1935 by Nobel Prize winner, Sinclair Lewis. It is a work of fiction and any resemblance to a person living or dead is coincidental. Incredible coincidence!

Most of these predictions have come true. If Trump is re-elected, the rest of the predictions will come true. 

Robert Haberman

Old Mystic


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